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    Stretcher Elevator

    Stretcher Elevator

    Suzhou Zhongling stretcher elevator is specialized for high-rise residential buildings which have more than 7 layers and it considers dual functions of daily usage and first-aid.Deep structure of elevator cars and big load can construct a life channel for sick and injured persons in a desperate situation.

    Convenient installation

    Suzhou Zhongling stretcher elevator can provide customized services and design corresponding products which are easy to be installed according to your construction conditions and style.

    One-key first-aid function

    By press the first-aid button, the elevator can directly reach to the target layer regardless call orders of other users so as to save valuable time of treatment for urgent patients in the residential building.

    Deep elevator car and big load

    Elevator cars adopt deep design with proper radius of turning circle to meet requirements of first-aid stretchers, folding first-aid stretchers and soft stretchers of 120 emergency centers.