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    Security Trend

    Excellent Science And Technology, To Safeguard Safety

    Safety is the base for you to enjoy happy elevatoring and it is also the baseline of the elevator manufacturing industry. Strict safety devices and advanced safety technology of Suzhou Zhongling passenger elevator will provide comprehensive protection to you.

    Three safety parts of high standards

    Strictly select three safety parts of the highest standards, namely, speed governor, safety tong and bumper, thus, its quality is guaranteed and it can prevent accidents effectively.

    Emergency flat bed for power failure

    Under the condition when there is power failure when an elevator is operating, the elevator will start the charging emergency power supply to make the elevator car get close to the flat layer to make passengers leave the elevator car safely.

    UCMP protection

    When there are no orders and elevator cars have accidental movements, the system will stop immediately to protect safety of passengers.

    Self-inspection system

    Collect and analyze data of running state of elevators and elevators themselves at regular intervals and detect possible problems of them the first time to take preventive measures