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    Old Building Installation Solution

    Old Building Installation Solution

    Suzhou Zhongling launches steel structure retrofitted elevators for old buildings. These elevators use integrated design and primary shaping to fit into steel structure shafts.They are widely applicable to various old buildings by advantage of their smaller floor area and flexible household installation. They are reasonable choices for retrofitted elevators of old buildings.

    Smaller floor area

    Due to historical factors, old buildings feature narrow passageways and poorly-designed underground piping system. It is hard for traditional elevators to get adapted to such conditions. Suzhou Zhongling elevators only need a floor area of 3-5㎡for retrofit of old buildings without changing original pipe system, wiring system, and firefighting access.

    Safety and reliability

    Steel structure shafts are produced by solid and durable section steel.They are stably connected to main bodies of buildings. Advanced safety inspection and protection technologies ensure safety of users during operation.

    Easy installation

    Elevator modules are preassembled and then divided into blocks. Onsite installation only need to hoist and connect different blocks without demands for welding,so it causes no influence on normal life of residents.

    Flexible household installation

    To meet requirements of different installation conditions, Suzhou Zhongling provides two household installation ways, including landing installation and staggered installation.These two installation ways are provided with various possibilities by being combined with single-door direct-connected elevators, opposite-door direct-connected elevators, front-landing elevators. and side-landing elevators.

    Various Installation Solutions for Different Retrofit Demands

    Suzhou Zhongling uses two kinds of entrance ways (leveling entrance and half-floor entrance) and four kinds of connection types (straight corridor, turning corridor, turning corridor with two ears and turning straight corridor) to form various combinations according to structures and geographical conditions of old buildings, so as to meet different installationconditions and demands and help customers solve the problem of going up and down stairs.

    Leveling entrance

    Elevators send passengers to leveling place.

    Half-floor entrance

    Elevators send passengers to half-floor place and passengers walk a half floor to a leveling place in the floor above or below.

    Turning straight corridor

    Suitable for buildings with narrow area in front of the buildings.
    Advantage: small occupation, convenient for entrance and exit the first floor.

    Straight corridor

    Suitable for small space and buildings with small spaces in both sides outside corridors.
    Advantage: occupying small space.

    Turning corridor

    Suitable for buildings with an open space in front of the buildings.
    Advantage: convenient for entrance and exit in the first floor.

    Turning corridor with two ears

    Suitable for buildings with a wide area in front of the buildings and buildings with flat entrance.
    Advantage: convenient for entrance and exit in the first floor.