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    Who is Suzhou Zhongling Elevator Co., Ltd.?

    Suzhou Zhongling Elevator Co., Ltd., a large-scale modern elevator manufacturer specializing in the development and production of escalator products, with a test tower of nearly 100 meters high, can test 8m/s high
    Speed elevator. The manufacturing center adopts Industry 4.0 as the standard and introduces a complete set of international leading production equipment with an annual production capacity of 10,000 sets.
    Since its establishment, Suzhou Zhongling Elevator has been facing the ever-changing market environment, always insisting on the pursuit of excellence, providing customers with quality products and services, and has passed ISO9001 international quality.
    System certification, IS014001 environmental quality system certification and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety certification have a good reputation in the industry.

    Strong, strong, wealth sharing

    We are looking for experts in the elevator industry, understand and agree with our philosophy, build an extraordinary customer experience, conduct business around customer needs and never compromise on quality requirements.

    Partner joining

    1. Exclusive operation within the authorized area: Strict national market division, ensuring the exclusiveness of authorized agents in the authorized area, exclusive regional industry profits and providing a complete operational plan.
    2. Operation management service system: With many years of management experience in the elevator industry, Suzhou Zhongling Elevator has established a practical team that integrates R&D, design, production, management and marketing to build an advanced management system and form a simple set. An effective and standardized operating system enables partners to take fewer detours and operate efficiently.
    3, long-term marketing services: Suzhou Zhongling Elevator with rich marketing experience and superior marketing planning capabilities, plan to support agents to carry out effective brand promotion activities, series of promotional activities, so that Suzhou Zhongling Elevator is famous throughout the country!
    4. System training service: Suzhou Zhongling Elevator technical experts and senior operation management personnel provide all-round training support to agents, from promotion operation, marketing to management, giving comprehensive guidance training, allowing agents to start quickly.
    5, unified brand system and propaganda support: Suzhou Zhongling Elevator provides a professional brand image recognition system, and through a variety of channels for nationwide unified, diversified brand building and market promotion.
    6. After-sales tracking service: Suzhou Zhongling Elevator provides one-on-one technical support service and various high-quality follow-up services for agents, and also provides services for agents’ end consumers, such as online promotion, free information provision, and personalization. Study guidance and so on.

    Apply to become an authorized agent

    (not open individual application)

    Join conditions:

    1、Intention to apply for an enterprise can directly fill in the right agent application form to submit an application online (qualification, resume, please send directly to the mailbox:zl@zl-sz.com,Please package the name of the application company);
    2、Please apply to the company to download the “Agent Basic Information Form”, and send it by e-mail after filling it out.:zl@zl-sz.com(agent application).