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    Intellectual Benefit

    Core Technology, Intelligent Control

    Zhongling is firmly convinced that silence and technology drive the future, so we constantly optimize the core components of the elevator, master the core technology, and use the intelligent technology to move further.

    Intelligent driving
    permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine

    A new generation of permanent magnet synchronous technology with rare earth materials, uses the inner rotor structure and makes uniform stress- Motor selects cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, with 150 1C permanent magnet and the ANSOTelectromagnetic design to lead strong magnetic force, strong overload, and running stability- The unique block brake is stable and powerful.

    Smart Switch
    VVVF permanent magnet synchronous

    Advanced VVVF frequency control, high speed digital signal processing system, triangle belt primary deceleration and synchronous belt drive mechanism, speed regulation precision, energy saving and low noise, all can meet hundreds of millions of high-frequency opening and closing- Permanent magnet synchronous door machine has the functions of energy saving, and low dustproof and waterproof.

    Intelligent control一Integrated
    master control system

    Using dual 32 import microprocessor, master can monitor each other from CPU, which will make data processing fast and reliable- Synchronous processing elevator drive and control is am irate and efficient- The embedded expert self diagnosis system can automatically diagnose the cause of the fault, store and display the fault code. The function is perfect and simple.