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    Home Elevetor

    Suhzou Zhongling for Quality Family life

    Elevate value of houses

    Suzhou Zhongling elevators could serve a family for decades and improve quality of family life. As a long-term investment, Suzhou Zhongling helps residents increase their house value by 15%.

    Safety and reliability

    Speed governor, safety tongs, damping springs, infrared curtain and other protectors provide users with safety guarantee. Suzhou Zhongling products are equipped with emergency power supply, self-rescue system, and emergency calling system. All these modules are offered to protect elevator users in case of power failure or other emergencies.


    Soft driving mode ensures quietness when starting and halting elevators. Suzhou Zhongling features user-friendly riding experience, offering users with
    enjoyment of comfort and gentleness. In addition, Suzhou Zhongling uses standard 220V power supply for energy consumption.

    Customized design

    Suzhou Zhongling household elevators are furnished differently by wood facing, etched stainless steel, glass car, and multiple colors to meet demands of families with various budgets. To match up with your hose decoration, Suzhou Zhongling employs designers for design customization according to your requirements.

    Economic and environmental friendliness

    Suzhou Zhongling elevators use special household motors, operating at a power lower than that of a microwave oven and saving energy for daily use. Newly-developed LED illumination system is characterized by higher reliability and longer life span. It is 60% more energy-efficient than traditional lamps.

    Easy installation

    Suzhou Zhongling household elevators feature wide applications to various sites, holding less requirements for roof tops and foundation时s. With various space solutions, Suzhou Zhongling caters to demands for elevators at decoration stage or status quo. Suzhou Zhongling elevators bring users with quality life whatever inside or outside houses.

    Safe and User-Friendly Structure

    Steel structure

    Steel is the best choice for elevators. With high strengthen, light weight, high stiffness, perfect uniformity, satisfactory plasticity, steel could bear deformation force and dynamic loading.


    Thanks to its light weight and high stiffness, aluminum frame shaft performs well in terms of connection strength and loading capacity.Except attractive design, the shaft also excels by its simple structure, easy installation and anti-corrosion characteristics. High sophisticated parts simplify the whole installation process and improve installation efficiency.

    Wire Rope Suspension System

    Steel Belt Suspension

    Popular classic technologies ensure stability and reliabi lity during operation

    Suzhou Zhongling traction-type home elevator, to take the industry’s most mainstream wire rope traction drive, permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, With integrated, intelligent all computer control system, with a sensitive and convenient, smooth and comfortable operation, energy saving and environmental protection advantages.

    Smaller floor space and bigger riding space

    Compared with traditional wire rope traction,steel belt household elevators use flat composite steel belts to increase contact with motors, which appears helpful for gaining friction force and transmission efficiency.They need less space, saving up 70% space in comparison with traditional elevators.