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    High Speed Passenger Elevator

    High Speed Passenger Elevator

    Suzhou Zhongling high speed elevator is specialized for super high-rise buildings一It adopts latest elevator technology and applies advanced driving technology in the worldwide to provide efficient and rapid vertical traffic solutions to modern skyscrapers.

    New roller guide shoe

    Replace sliding friction with rolling friction can reduce frictional loss of more than 47% and save energy efficiently; Small contact area and flexible support can reduce vibration and be more comfortable, No guide rail lubricating oil and less maintenance makes it more environmental.

    Shock absorbing comfort technology

    Adopt aerodynamic balance sealed elevator cars; Relieve pressure control system which will cause discomfort due to pressure differences, Adopt automatic damping devices which can eliminate wag from side to side.

    Double main board+double encoder

    Main engine and speed governor set encoder at the same time and link with all一in-one machine and auxiliary control board respectively; Two master control systems communicate and supervise with each other so as to cut off speed cut protectors in the terminals to stop safely once mistakes of main engine are founded.