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    Stable Bearing

    Suzhou Zhongling escalators combines the domestic and foreign advanced technology, Service users from the details, integrate the practicality, aesthetics and security together, to make daily travel more convenient.

    Solid structure

    Use high-precision metal truss, compact, solid, safe, and finite element analysis. The rigidity and anti-twist properties have reached the international advancedlevel.
    Use robot welding technology, the overall appearance is generous, the structure is strong and durable to meet the carrying needs.

    Safe and reliable

    Advanced control system, higher stability and scalability, with more detailed fault detection capabili- ties to further enhance safety. Security devices are throughout the inside and outside to provide meticulous protection, and to ensure user safetyto the maximum extent.

    Energy-saving economy

    Frequency conversion control technology, under no-load condition, Suzhou Zhongling escalators / moving walk will maintain a low speed running state, and automatically return to normal speed when detecting the approaching of passengers, saving over 60% of energy- A new generation of drive technology cooperates with high-power mainframe, the whole drive is more efficient, energy consumption is lower, and can cope with the needs of long-term delivery.

    Automatic lubrication

    Innovative automatic lubrication system, intelligent detection, automatic refueling for components, effectively reduce fuel consumption and environmental pollution.

    Compact structure

    Fish abdominal beam short pedal design greatly shorten the space span, and let the escalator structure more compact, to flexible adapt to all types of construction patterns.

    Beautiful and generous

    The appearance applies streamlined design,in line with the requirements of modern aesthetics, and can achieve harmony and unity with all types of architectural styles.