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    Energy Saving Way

    Green Power Can Save, Energy And Be Low Carbon

    Suzhou Zhongling passenger elevator keeps pace with the time with excellent quality, upgrades green science and technology and practice the idea of environmental protection in every details of products to make a low carbon life for you.

    Powerful green main engine kinetic energy

    Brakes have sensitive reaction and big and steady braking force. Its transfer efficiency is 40% higher than that of traditional tractors. Moreover, it is efficient and energy saving and it does not need to change lubricating oil, thus it can reduce pollution of oil stains and male environment cleaner.

    Efficient permanent magnet synchronous door machine

    The door machine adopts AC synchronous direct flooding door system and no reduction gears, and it is featured with big low speed output torque, steady operation, low noise and energy efficient.

    Intelligent master control system

    High integrated 32一bit dual CPU which supervises each other to improve processing speed of data, have complete functions and improves reliability. Built-in self diagnostic system can diagnose reasons for failures, and storage and display failures automatically. Its functions are powerful and easy to operate.

    Energy feedback system

    Energy feedback system realized circular and economical use of electric energy of elevator and conformed to the new idea of energy saving building development.

    Fresh air system of elevator cars

    The advanced fresh air system of the industry can import purified fresh air in the outside into elevator cars to create healthy and clean passenger space.

    Car automatic lighting technology

    Fully consider humanization and energy saving and environmental protection requirements, apply automatic lighting technology to ensure that the lights are off when no one is using, saving energy; when the elevator starts, the lighting equipment is automatically turned on, low-power operation, saving energy.